Conveniently located on the corner of Highway 40 and Highway K.

We are a full service cycle shop specializing in the GURU FIT and RETUL bicycle fitting systems. We believe a proper fitted bicycle is critical for the best possible cycling experience. With the aid of motors and software we are able to produce a list of the best fitting bikes in the industry. Not just what we sell. That is Customer Service.

But don’t let the name fool you!

SBR O’Fallon is much more than just a bike store. We have deep roots in Mountain Biking and we are the race headquarters of several events and experience opportunities.  2018 marks the 5th year of the UFD HEARTBREAKER MTB race at Creve Ceour Park.  We are also super excited to announce the XTERRA St. Louis will have it own new date and much improved MTB venue to be held at Council Bluff Recreation area on August 12th, 2018.


After Mike Barro sold a successful bicycle retail store he had founded 17 years earlier he found himself missing his bike shop lifestyle. So with the help of Swim Bike Run Chesterfield, he founded Swim Bike Run O’Fallon in May of 2014.

Mike is known throughout the endurance community, not just for his knowledge and passion but for his athletic accomplishments as well. He is the 2007 Missouri Cat 1 MTB State Champion and in 2012 finished 4 th at the XTERRA World Championships held in Maui HI. You can always find Mike at the local trails either running or riding them. Many times one after another.


SBR brand details

At SBR we believe the bike brands should share in our commitment to excellence.

No other brand wins as many industry awards as SPECIALIZED. Known for more than just excellent mountain bikes, they were founded as a tire and accessory company. That legacy is still evident today with their best in class products.

BMC is so quintessentially Swiss. Swiss precision is almost cliché. In fact, were told the Swiss do not have a word for “good enough”. We identify with that axiom 100%.

Another Swiss brand not to be overlooked it SCOTT. Arguably the best kept secret. Ask any rep or industry insider about SCOTT bikes and the conversation inevitably goes to why are their bike not more popular in the US because they truly are some of the best engineered bikes at any price range.


THE GURU FIT SYSTEM enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their personal preferences.

THE RETUL FIT SYSTEM  involves 3D motion-capture technology to reveal the precise angles through which all the joints and levers in you body are working dynamically, while you are riding your bike.



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